This year District 7870 will continue working with our surrounding clubs and districts in offering the opportunity for our clubs to grow and strengthen leadership.
Membership growth is important, and retention is dependent on the quality of Rotary clubs. Clubs with good leadership will be more likely to involve their members in exciting service activities and programs helping maintain existing members and attract new members.
RLI is an interactive curriculum and courses are fun! Future club leaders will prepare for their club and community leadership roles while participating in a quality educational experience. RLI Faculty members are specifically chosen for their knowledge with specific topics, their Rotary knowledge, and their facilitation skills.
RLI is beneficial for every Rotary Club member wanting to learn more about Rotary. Topics are geared toward busy business, professionals and community leaders who want to be more effective in their vocation and in their club.
Attendees return with enthusiasm, new contacts, fresh ideas, and an increased understanding of their potential as Rotarians with valuable skills that will impact their potential leadership in the club. This is a great networking opportunity and way to make connections!
Established in 1992, RLI has become a worldwide organization. Discussion group size is limited.
Register now at for Parts I, II & III and Graduate in person sessions on October 28th in St.Johnsbury, VT. Additional sessions in other locations will be offered throughout the 2023-24 Rotary year.
2023-24 Graduate Session: Succession Planning!
If you have questions or need help with enrolling contact