Virtual Gala to Support our Local Heroes and Local Restaurants.  Go to  to register.
There will be guest speakers, Disco Dancing with a Live Band, Virtual Cocktails
Money raised from donations by local clubs comes back to their local club.
Who – 500 to 1000 Donors recruited by District 7870 members
What – An on-line 75 minutes of Zoom music, dancing, CoVID updates and just plain
fun “Stayin’ Alive (at home) Disco Gala” to raise funds for our clubs
When – June 6th, 7:30pm - 8:45pm
Where – Online (Zoom)  A link to the event will be sent to you the week of the event.
Why – Raise money for our clubs to support local restaurants and your local heroes
during this pandemic.
 Why now/so quickly: Our states are opening up; people are tired of Stayin’ at home, as
the states are likely to be opening up more at the end of May/early June; we want to help
people “Break Out” of their confinement with a celebration.
 How – You will pass on the website information to your club
members and friends of your Rotary, asking them to donate a minimum of $20 through
the website (click on “Donate”) in the name of your club. Their reward - they get an
invite to join the “Stayin’ Alive Disco Gala” event. After the event, the money you
raised is returned to you (minus the website processing fees - around 3%) to buy gift
certificates to local restaurants and then pass them out to your local heroes (and you make
sure to get press coverage of that event).
 Compelling points for Rotary clubs
 The fundraiser is already planned by the District Public Image team – no planning
needed by the local clubs.